Me, myself & I


Age: Born 1973 - you do the math!
Family: Married / 2 sons (born 2004/2008) / Cat
Interests: Computers - Photo editing, web development, learn new programs
Books - Mostly fiction
Movies - Romance, comedy, thriller, action, not to deep
History - still interesting, favourite time french revolution.
Other: CV as pdf to print or download


I am raised in Hälsingland (Harmånger) and moved to Uppsala to study history with the dream of becoming a teacher after graduation.

When my interest for computers grew there were a change of direction and I have since 1998 worked with providing support.In different way, both internal users, as a consult to users at the customer site, or to customer all over the world by phone and mail.


I imagine myself working in a group of 5-10 people, handling both network and end-user support. My preferences are to work in Uppsala or northern part of Stockholm since I find travelling to and from work a very boring way of spending time.

I’m very wide in my knowledge field and experience and would like to use this more than specialize towards specific tasks. That’s why I’d like to work in a team – where everyone complements each other.

Since I love the contact with end users and helping them out with their problems I still want to do that - but I’d like to be able to be more visible for them in the future and not just a voice over the phone, or signature in the mail.

Working at a call center has taught me to be fast in troubleshooting a problem to determine what, when and how and also why when it comes to hardware, software and network. I also find that the experience has taught me how to handle support to receive the best support back whenever I need to contact other support departments.

Since leaving Dell I’ve learned to trust my own competence and intuition. I've come to realise that experience are never wasted - you can always use it.

Since I like challenges I’m also ready for other options when it comes to work. Maybe you have a suggestion for me?

My wish list for a future employment:

-Possibility to develop and learn more
- Good working environment (a lot of colleagues, health plan and of course a coffee maker with decent coffee)
- Flexibility – to be able to work from home if needed

What I can offer a company that is interested in me?

- Loyalty
- Fast learner
- Service minded – I really, really like to be able to help people
- Workaholic
- Positive and happy personality

- Sound advice when I see something that should be done in a better way - but don't get upset if people disagree.