Nocom Software/ Northern Parklife 23/11/09 -

System engineer
Support of distributed software
Consult during upgrades
Pre-sale technician to prospective customers

Extern-IT 16/04/09 - 23/11/09

Support technician / consult
Troubleshooting PC and servers remotely
Installation of firewalls
Troubleshooting and installation of Macintosh
Documentation of IT environment

Dell AB 26/02/01 - 26/02/09

Technical Account Manager (TAM) 30/08/03 - 26/02/09
Phone support on Business support when needed
Handle customer escalations
Document and implement internal processes and work instructions
Komponera presentations program för nyanställda
Reports to large customer
Customer visits
Business Support point of contact with web development
Develop escalation routes within Dell cross departments
Responsible for frontdesk personell (1 person)
Initiate and hold phone conference for TAM from Europe
Assisting Team lead (ATL) 26/02/02 - 29/08/03
Handle customer escalations
Plan vacation, education and breaks regarding service level
Development conversation with team (6 people)
Participate in recruiting process
Daily follow-up on service level on the phone
Support technician 26/02/01 - 25/02/02
Customer support through phone and mail
Mentor for new hire

Faculty of Law (Uppsala UniversitY) 01/0/98 - 23/02/01

Develop external website using the university frames and create an Intranet after analysing the need.
Support through phone when problem with PC reported, or on site when needed
Education of administrative personnel on Office and mail (Pegasus)
Network administrator
Handle NetWare 4.1 fileserver with backup, participate with the upgrade to NetWare 5, handle
users in the directory.
Document the machine park, create user manuals for the common usages, document the internal
support and the web site work instructions when concluding the work

TBV Uppsala, Teacher February-'98

Course for using Internet for elder

Extra Film - vacation job 1989-1996